Following the European Council decision to change the UK withdrawal date to either 12 April or 22 May 2019, the “Brexit window”, put in place by ECHA for UK-based companies to transfer their REACH registrations, will stay open beyond the 30 March.

With an increased focus on evaluation and an expected increase in the number of decisions, ECHA has invited enforcement authorities to prioritise the enforcement of evaluation decisions in their enforcement activities.

On 18 April, ECHA will send out 11 draft decisions on information requests to registrants for comments.

The European Commission has granted authorisations.

ECHA has just published a new format to help downstream users of authorised substances to report occupational exposure measurements or biomonitoring data related to the tasks performed at their sites.

The European Commission has requested ECHA to provide recommendations on occupational exposure limits (OELs) for lead and its compounds and diisocyanates.