The eighth major Forum enforcement project (REF-8) concentrating on the online sale of substances, mixtures and products has entered its operational phase and will run until 31 December 2020.

ECHA will start to compile a list of substances that can be safely used in materials that come into contact with drinking water.

ECHA has streamlined the information on the different steps and actors involved in the restriction, evaluation and authorisation REACH processes.

EUCLEF is an upcoming online service that will enable companies to find out how their substances are being regulated in the EU and what legal obligations they have.

ECHA is requesting interested parties to submit any information they have related to the restriction intention from France on single use baby nappies containing PAHs, formaldehyde, dioxins, furans and PCBs to help with the preparation of the dossier.

Three new substance evaluation conclusion documents are now available on ECHA’s website.