The European Commission has granted authorisation for one use of chromium trioxide by Cromomed S.A., Cronor S.A., Cromo Europa S.A., Chromatlantique Industriel S.A. and Vila Electroquímica S.A..

The European Commission has granted authorisation for three uses of chromium trioxide by REACHLaw Ltd.

On the 15th December 2020, nearly 60 participants took part of the 14th edition of the “REACH&CLP 2020 annual conference – New European policies and arising challenges for companies”.

A new amendment of the Annex XVII reach (Regulation (EU) 2020/2096) has just been published at the Official Journal.

ECHA’s scientific committees raise serious concerns over industry’s applications to continue using coal tar pitch, high temperature in the manufacture of clay targets which are breakable targets used in sports shooting.

The report of the REACH-EN-FORCE-7 (REF-7) project is now available.