If you are a micro, small or medium-sized company, ECHA reminds you that you should check that the company size you claimed when registering your substances is correct.

La Commission européenne a lancé plusieurs consultations publiques sur la révision des deux législations européennes sur les produits chimiques REACH et CLP.

In April, the European Parliament has published a resolution on a comprehensive European Union framework on endocrine disruptors.

ECHA’s latest “Nanopinion” guest column from Dr Fazel A. Monikh talks about the importance of understanding the behaviour of nanomaterials in the tissues and bodies of organisms.

ECHA has published seven video tutorials to help you use and manage the ECHA accounts.

The consolidated opinion of the Committees for Risk Assessment and Socio-Economic Analysis for one use of chromium trioxide by Safran Aircraft Engines is now available on ECHA website.