Amendment of the Luxembourgish law on waste published

End of June, several pieces of legislation relating to waste have been published in the Mémorial A. This includes the amendment of the national law related to waste (Loi du 9 juin 2022 modifiant : 1° la loi modifiée du 21 mars 2012 relative aux déchets ; 2° la loi modifiée du 31 mai 1999 portant institution d’un fonds pour la protection de l’environnement).

The amendement of the national law on waste now takes into account the obligation, inforce since the 5th January 2021, to companies supplying articles containing SVHCs in a concentration above 0.1% w/w on the European market to submit information to the SCIP database. This obligation is introduced in the Artcile 9(5) of the Luxembourgish law on waste.