Conference "Omnibus law and its consequences for classified establishments"

To prepare luxembourgish companies subject to the law known as "Commodo", an information session, with the latest news and procedures resulting from this legislation and the publication of the "Omnibus" law, will be held on Wednesday 14 June 2017 at the “Bâtiment administratif” in Belval from 3 to 5 pm.

First, the Environment Agency will describe in detail the changes related to the simplification of the administrative procedures for the Commodo procedures and also for other pieces of environmental legislation. The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) will present a guide and an Excel tool allowing companies that store chemical products to make an assessment of the impacts of these new requirements for their Commodo authorization, e.g. if a change of the Commodo class and subsequently a modification of the authorization is necessary. Finally, an enterprise having applied the tool developed by LIST will report its experience and give feedback regarding its Commodo compliance, the changes made and its financial impact.

To be able to meet your expectations, we invite you to submit your questions already during the registration process.

This conference is part of the “Betriber & Emwelt” cycle, which provides companies and public actors a series of information sessions on the environmental topics. These sessions are organised by the “Environmental Research and Innovation” (ERIN) department of LIST, jointly with the Environment Agency.

Further information can be found in the dedicated webpage on the event.