Feedback on the online session on the declaration of hazardous mixtures in Luxembourg

On the 9th of November 2022, nearly 30 participants attended the online conference on the declaration of hazardous mixture in Luxembourg, organised by the REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg.

The REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg organised this online information session to inform companies on how to prepare in practice a notification for Luxembourg. In fact, since beginning of 2022, notifications of hazardous mixtures can be made to the Belgian Poison Centre via the e-delivery system of the ECHA PCN portal, additionally to the national system that remains in place. This session also provided a reminder on the regulatory requirements. Finally, this session was an opportunity to show companies how their notification data is managed in the Belgian Poison Centre system.

The online session was also a platform where the participants could ask their questions concerning the different aspects of the declaration of hazardous mixtures in Luxembourg.

The presentations and the video are available on the event’s webpage.