New adaption to the technical progress published

A new adaptation to the technical and scientific progress (ATP) of CLP (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/217) has been published on the last 18th of February at the Official Journal.

This new ATP, a new section (section 2.12) has been added in the part 2 of the Annex II CLP (Special rules for labelling and packaging of certain substances and mixtures) which specifically concerns mixtures containing Titanium dioxide. Two new sentences have been added in the part 3 (Supplemental label elements/information on certain mixtures) in the Annex III CLP (List of hazard statements, supplemental hazard information and supplemental label elements).

This ATP also modifies the Annex VI CLP related to harmonised the classification and labelling of certain substances, with two entries which have been deleted and several others updated.