Report and working document on persistent organic pollutants implementation published

The Commission has just published a report and a working document on the review and update of the second European Union Implementation Plan of the Regulation (EC) 850/2004 on persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

The review and update of the second implementation plan has been done to take into account the inclusion of a number of new persistent organic pollutants into the Stockholm Convention, and the technical and legislative progress made in this area.

This plan aims to:

  • review the existing Union level measures related to POPs;
  • assess their efficiency and sufficiency in meeting the obligations of the Stockholm Convention;
  • identify needs for further Union level measures;
  • establish a plan for implementing the further measures;
  • identify and strengthen links and potential synergies between POPs management and other environmental policies and other policy fields; and
  • increase awareness on POPs and their control measures.

The report also reminds that even if a significant progress towards the elimination of POPs has been achieved, a main challenge for the EU is to eliminate POPs from the waste cycle and remaining stockpiles as these still present a major emission source. The release of POPs due to unintentional production also remains one of the most important issues to be tackled in the EU.