ECHA has just published an infographic to learn about the restriction of four phthalates and the benefits of restricting their use.

You can now notify your hazardous mixtures to Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania and Slovenia through ECHA's Submission portal.

The European Commission has published a notice to stakeholders on the withdrawal of the UK and the EU rules in the field of export and import of hazardous chemicals (“prior informed consent”).

The European Commission has amended Annex XVII REACH (Regulation (EU) 2020/1149) to include the diisocyanates (entry 74).

The Board of Appeal’s decision in case A-011-2018 has clarified that Annex IX, Section 9.1, Column 2 to REACH does not allow registrants to omit submitting information on long term toxicity to fish under Column 1.

ECHA published a substance evaluation conclusion document that is now available on its website.