On the European level, enforcement is coordinated by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) via the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement (Articles 76(1f) and 77(4) REACH and Article 46 CLP). Luxembourg participates in the Forum and regularly contributes to the Forum’s enforcement projects.

According to Article 125 and 126 of the REACH Regulation and Article 47 of the CLP Regulation, Member States shall maintain a system of official controls and lay down the provisions on penalties applicable for infringement of the provisions of REACH and CLP and shall take all measures necessary to ensure that they are implemented. The enforcement of controls and penalties of REACH and CLP in Luxembourg is implemented in the so called Paquet REACH from 2011 (amended by the Loi du 16 mai 2019). Article 9 of the Paquet REACH determines the penalties. Infringements can now be sanctioned with up to three years in prison and a fee of up to 500,000 Euros.

The Paquet REACH defines the Ministry responsible for the environment, i.e. the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity (Ministère de l'Environnement, du Climat et de la Biodiversité, MECB), as the competent authority for REACH and CLP. The MECB is supported by the Administration de l’environnement (AEV) and also by the following authorities (Article 1, Loi du 16 décembre 2011):

The enforcement can be coordinated by a joint Committee, the so-called Comité REACH-CLP. It is composed of representatives from the ministries responsible for Environment, Economy, the middle class, Work, Health, Finance, and Water management. The REACH&CLP Helpdesk may attend the Comité REACH-CLP as an observer.