AskREACH report on awareness and communication on SHVCs in articles published

As part of the AskREACH project, a report on the awareness and the communication on SVHCs in articles has just been published.

The report compiles the results of two surveys which were conducted as part of the project. The survey for consumers was launched in mid-2018. The second survey was conducted during the summer 2018 to review the current situation of companies.

The results of the consumer survey show that chemicals are one of the main concerns Europeans have regarding environmental issues, but this is also an area where there is a perceived lack of information. However, awareness about the ‘right to know’ according to Article 33(2) of the REACH Regulation seems to be low.

In the case of the companies survey, the results show that a large proportion of companies are not well prepared to respond to consumers’ “right to know” requests in compliance with REACH Article 33. A major reason for companies’ difficulties may be the lack of supply chain communication on SVHCs in articles.

Further information can be found on AskREACH project website.