Commission published the fitness check on non-REACH chemical legislation

The European Commission has just published its report on the fitness check of the most relevant chemicals legislation (excluding REACH).

The purpose of this fitness check was to take a step back and to look at what the EU has achieved in the area of chemicals management and how it performs. this Fitness Check has found that, overall, the EU framework of chemicals legislation is fit for purpose and delivers a high level of protection of people and the environment in balance with the needs of an efficiently functioning internal market and of a competitive and innovative chemicals industry.

Even if the fitness check mentioned that the linkages between the different pieces of EU chemicals legislation are generally well-established and functioning reasonably well a number of challenges, gaps and weaknesses have also been identified. In particular, it addresses the need for simplifying and streamlining hazard and risk assessment processes, providing better consumer information, and supporting implementation of the legislation by the Member States.

As additional document you can also consult the Commission staff working document on the fitness check.