Does your company sell articles? We need your input!

The REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg is one of 19 partners in a project called AskREACH, funded by the EU LIFE Programme. It addresses the exchange of information on substances of very high concern (SVHC) in articles along the supply chain from producers/importers to distributors, article suppliers and retailers to the final consumer. The project aims to

  • Improve the information flow on SVHC between suppliers and consumers;
  • Help suppliers to comply with their REACH obligations;
  • Support communication on SVHC in articles along the supply chain.

To further advance in the project and to better target the services, we ask companies in Luxembourg to fill in a questionnaire concerning your current state of handling information about SVHC in articles. All the data collected will be used only for the purposes of the project. The evaluation is conducted anonymously.

If your company produces, imports or sells articles (e.g. clothes, furniture, electronics, household items), please fill in the questionnaire <link https: en template askreach-survey-for-companies _blank>here.

You can find further information on the project on the <link en supply-chain life-askreach _blank>Helpdesk website or on the <link https: _blank>project website

Thank you in advance for your participation!