European Commission’s communication on endocrine disruptors published

In the beginning of November, the European Commission has published a communication entitled “<link https: legal-content en txt pdf _blank>Towards a comprehensive European Union framework on endocrine disruptors”. This communication describes the scientific progress made on endocrine disruptors, summarizes the actions the EU has taken and outlines the Commission’s proposed approach to effectively take forward the EU's policy on endocrine disruptors in the future.

This communication also informs about actions planned that should be put in place in the next few years:

  • Setting up an annual Forum on endocrine disruptors by the Commission;
  • Commission will step up its support to the work of relevant international organisations;
  • Possible inclusion of endocrine disruptors in the existing international system for classification of chemicals;
  • Creation of a one-stop shop web portal on endocrine disruptors.