Feedback on the online session “Chemical risks – How to better understand them in order to limit them?”

On the 14th of October 2020, nearly 50 participants attended the online conference “Chemical risk - How to better understand it to limit it”, organised in collaboration with the Betriber&Emwelt platform and the support of the Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology (LIST) , the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development and the Ministry of the Economy.

During this conference, the REACH&CLP Luxembourg Helpdesk addressed the issue of chemical risk in order to help companies comply with their obligations in this area and make their employees aware of the importance of an objective assessment of chemical risk. Basic concepts directly applicable in the field have been developed, including the concepts of danger, exposure, risk, toxicity, routes of exposure and associated occupational diseases.

The rules to be observed in order to limit this risk were then discussed, in terms of prevention by addressing, in particular, the concepts of elimination, substitution, process score, collective and individual protection. Simple rules for labelling, hygiene, storage and first aid were also recalled.

Some models, tools and software allowing a systematic and rational approach to chemical risk were finally presented.

The presentations and the video are available on the event’s webpage.