IUCLID 6 update available

A new version of IUCLID 6 is now available introducing  three new features:

  • PNEC calculator: helps to generate predicted no effect concentrations (PNECs) for different environmental compartments in line with ECHA’s guidance. The results are automatically stored in IUCLID.
  • Dossier header reuse: when submitting subsequent dossiers to ECHA, you can now reuse the administrative information you have previously entered for the same substance in the dossier header. You no longer need to fill in all the information manually, for example, when you submit an update.
  • Report templates manager: eases the generation of reports by allowing you to pre-load your report templates in IUCLID and use them whenever needed.

In addition, the update contains improvements to the current functionalities and fixes to known issues. More information is available in the webinar which will take place on Thursday 4 May. You can download the software free-of-charge from <link https: iuclid6.echa.europa.eu _blank>the IUCLID website.