Retailers – How do you communicate on SVHC to your clients?

Are you a retailer and have to communicate on SVHC? Participate to the special action for retailers running under the LIFE project AskREACH!

The LIFE AskREACH project aims at enhancing the communication of Substances of Very High Concern in articles between article suppliers and consumers, as stated in Article 33 of the European chemicals regulation, REACH. Retailers play a crucial role in this communication, as retailers are at the interface between the final consumer and the other actors of the supply chain. It is thus important that retailers are aware of their duties and their rights concerning the supply chain communication on SVHCs in articles and the consumer’s “Right to Know”.

Therefore, the AskREACH project has foreseen a special action for retailers – to help them comply with the duties related to SVHC communication. This action provides concrete support to retailers including training and information material as well as tools to manage the SVHC information of their article portfolio.

You can read more about the retailer action and the description here.

If you are a retailer and would like to take part in this action taking place in the course of project years 2021-2022, please contact for further information and agreement.