Feedback on the online session on the basics on REACH restriction process

On the 21st March 2024, nearly 50 participants attended the online conference on basics on REACH restriction process, organised by the REACH&CLP Helpdesk Luxembourg.

In this first session of a series of webinars on the REACH restriction procedure, the REACH&CLP Helpdesk presented the general process of the restriction procedure, from the starting of the process to its enforcement. An overview was also provided on ECHA's restriction activities in accordance with Article 69(2) which, after the expiry date of a substance on the authorisation list, requires ECHA to examine whether the use of the chemical substance in articles is adequately controlled or whether it is necessary to move to the restriction procedure. The Helpdesk also reminded to participants what is the main difference between the restriction and authorisation procedures.

The online session was also a platform where the participants could ask their questions concerning the different aspects of the declaration of hazardous mixtures in Luxembourg.

The presentations and the video are available on the event’s webpage.