Scan4Chem app now available in three languages in Luxembourg!

The Scan4Chem app, allowing consumers to easily use their “Right to Know” about substances of very high concern, is now fully available in three languages in Luxembourg: French, German and English. The Luxembourgish consumers can from now on use the app in their most comfortable language. The language of the app will be automatically set to present the language of the phone.

The Scan4Chemapp guides the consumers to scan a barcode of an article (clothes, electronic devices, toys, furniture etc.) and send a request for the supplier to get the information whether the article contains any substances of very high concern that might be harmful for the human health or the environment.

Remember to use the Scan4Chem app and your “Right to Know” to show article suppliers that we as consumers care for safe products!

Download the app and read more about your “Right to Know” here.