Scan4Chem in numbers

35 000 app downloads for the Scan4Chem app!

In November 2019, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) launched the Scan4Chem app developed in the framework of the AskREACH project, co-financed by the European LIFE programme. The app allows companies and consumers in Europe to apply the consumer’s “Right to Know” on Substances of Very high Concern (SVCH).

The app is currently in use in 12 countries with a total of 35 000 app downloads! Consumers all over Europe have used the app to scan barcodes over 66 000 times and have used their “Right to know” by sending 5000 SVHC requests to article suppliers throughout Europe. Almost 170 suppliers have submitted 17 000 articles with their SVHC information to the AskREACH database, available to the Scan4Chem app users.

As an article supplier, you can register to the AskREACH database and submit your article SVHC information here to inform your customers immediately on the SVHC content of your articles. As a consumer, you can download the Luxembourgish Scan4Chem app here and use your “Right to Know” on SVHCs in articles during your daily shopping.