Substance evaluation - CoRAP update

The last annual update of the <link https: regulations reach evaluation substance-evaluation community-rolling-action-plan _blank>Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) for <link https: documents corap_update_2017-2019_en.pdf _blank>2017-2019 is now available. It contains 115 substances of which 22 are newly allocated and 93 come from <link https: documents corap_list_2016-2018_en.pdf _blank>the last CoRAP update adopted in 2016.  Registrants of the substances are encouraged to coordinate their actions and to interact with the evaluating Member State during the substance evaluation process as early as possible.

Further information can be found in <link https: member-states-to-evaluate-22-substances-in-2017 _blank>ECHA’s news alert.