Feedback on the online session on the restriction of phthalates

On 30 May 2024, the REACH&CLP Luxembourg Helpdesk organised an online conference dedicated to the REACH restriction of phthalates.

The REACH&CLP Luxembourg Helpdesk organised this online session to remind and raise the awareness of companies about their obligations regarding phthalates. These obligations as set out in entries 28, 29, 30, 51, 52 et 72 of Annex XVII of REACH.

This session provided a brief reminder of the various stages in the restriction procedure under REACH and an overview of the restriction of phthalates. The Environment Agency (AEV) gave a presentation on the controls put in place in Luxembourg as part of market surveillance, with a reminder that it publishes an annual report on controls and inspections carried out in the fields of chemical substances, cross-border waste shipments and industrial emissions.

This online session also served as a platform for participants to ask questions on this specific point concerning the REACH restriction and controls on phthalates.

The presentations and video are available on the event's dedicated page.