With three years to go before the target is reached of having all relevant currently known substances of very high concern on the Candidate List, progress is on track.

Check the public activities coordination tool (PACT) on ECHA's website for the latest updates on which substances are undergoing informal hazard assessment or risk management option analysis by authorities.

Communication in the supply chain is one of the basic pillars of chemicals legislation. ECHA is in the process of improving its dedicated section on the topic of supply chain communication.

More information on the draft EU product categorisation system (EU PCS) that will be used to assign product categories according to their intended use of the mixture is now available on ECHA's poison centres website under 'Tools'.

The presentations and video recordings from the March REACH 2018 SME workshop are now available on the event website.

The 'Users of chemicals' LinkedIn page can help you understand how the REACH and CLP regulations affect you.