ECHA's work on microplastics

ECHA has just published information on microplastics and the EU-wide restriction proposal under preparation on its website.

In addition, the <link https: calls-for-comments-and-evidence substance-rev _blank>call for evidence on intentionally added microplastics is ongoing until 11 May. This call will gather information on all possible intentional uses of microplastic particles in products. The information received will be used to determine whether these uses pose a risk and to assess the socio-economic impacts of any potential restriction.

ECHA has also published <link https: _blank>question and answer (Q&As) recordings for this specific call for evidence that derive from an information session that was held on the 12th of March.

You can find more information on <link https: hot-topics microplastics _blank>microplastics on the ECHA website.