Registries of SVHC and restriction intentions updated to cover entire processes

The registries of intentions have been updated and now cover the steps in the procedures for <link https: registry-of-svhc-intentions _blank>SVHC identification and for <link https: registry-of-restriction-intentions _blank>restriction from intention until outcome, including committee opinions or agreements. The update follows the same approach as the expansion carried out in 2018 for the harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) process.

ECHA’s registries of intentions until outcome inform interested parties of planned submissions, giving them time to prepare for commenting later in the process. It may also be used to track progress of a dossier through the CLH, SVHC identification and restriction processes.

The public activities coordination tool (<link https: pact _blank>PACT) has also been updated to include the outcomes of the SHVC identification and restriction processes.